Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (2023)

If you’re vegan and planning a trip to Lisbon, then you’re in for an absolute treat!

As a vegan myself, I was blown away by all the amazing plant-based eateries I visited during my month in Lisbon.

From fine dining restaurants and beautiful brunches to filthy fast food and all-you-can-eat buffets, there’s something here to suit every tastebud, budget, and style.

And luckily for you, I’ve rounded up all the best restaurants in one place!

Scroll through this list of the 15 best vegan restaurants in Lisbon and get excited for a plant-based feast you won’t soon forget.

1. 26 Vegan Food Project

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (1)

Address: R. Horta Seca 5, 1200-213 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 967 989 184

26 Vegan Food Project has been a mainstay on Lisbon’s vegan scene since 2016.

That’s over seven years of perfecting the art of serving spectacular plant-based food – all in the most beautiful, elegant setting!

It should come as no surprise then that they top this list of the best vegan restaurants in Lisbon.

Their menu is one of the most inventive I’ve seen of any vegan restaurant ever.

For example, on their starter menu, you’ll find vegan twists on Portuguese classics, such as ‘octopus’ salad and fried ‘cuttlefish’.

If you try any of their starters though, let it be the summer night’s dream (jackfruit confit ceviche over tartar yoghurt and citrus sauce, avocado, and cucumber pickles).

However, if you miss cheese, be sure to order the cheese board instead!

Their mains are equally imaginative and include a ‘ricotta’ ravioli, seitan steak, and a tribute to the infamous Francesinha from Porto, among 12 other dishes.

Finally, you can end things on a high with one of their delectable desserts!

(I mean, you wouldn’t be doing your trip to 26 Vegan Food Project justice without sampling every course, right?!)

I had the traditional Matiné Das 5 cake and was suitably impressed so I’d recommend that!

2. The Food Temple

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (2)

Address: Beco do Jasmim 18, 1100-289 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 887 4397

The food at The Food Temple is indeed well worth worshipping!

Sadly, The Food Temple was closed for renovations during my month in Lisbon so I didn’t get a chance to try it out but I have good word that it’s one of the best restaurants in the business.

This iconic vegan establishment is a veteran of the Lisbon vegan food scene, thanks to its exciting and ever-changing menu.

Their menu generally seems to be short and sweet; they don’t serve lots but what they do serve, they serve it well.

For starters, have your pick from delights like a cheese board, sweet chilli tempeh salad, and savoury pear and cheese with truffle oil.

Then, for mains, it’s their pan-Asian cuisine that gets rave reviews.

I’ve been told by friends that the teriyaki tofu is to die for, as is the Vietnamese pho.

For dessert, they offer up a variety of sweet treats.

If you’re having trouble picking just one, I’d recommend ordering the €12 tasting plate.

However, whatever you order, The Food Temple is sure to impress from start to finish!

3. The Green Affair

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (3)

Address: Av. Duque de Ávila 30 A, 1000-141 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 967 472 286

Similar to AO 26, The Green Affair has become one of the best vegan restaurants in Lisbon in recent years – and for good reason!

Just one visit here and you’ll quickly fall into an intense love affair with this all-vegan eatery.

If you visit at any time of day, I’d recommend it being lunch because they have a fabulous lunch meal deal that I fully took advantage of during my time in Lisbon.


It takes place from noon to 3 pm on weekdays and costs €11.95 per person.

For this, you get a starter, a main, and a drink, which is great value for money.

I mean, who can say no to vegetable gyozas, followed by pesto linguine, washed down with homemade lemonade, right?

However, if you’re visiting at the weekend or in the evening, don’t worry because their menu doesn’t break the bank either way!

For starters, you can enjoy dishes like cauliflower wings, mushroom bruschetta, and spinach croquettes.

Then, for mains, menu highlights include a boneless lagareiro (an octopus-based Portuguese dish), a katsu curry, and a mushroom and chestnut risotto.

At just €4.95, their desserts are also worth shouting about.

I’m still daydreaming about the creamy chocolate cake with coconut chantilly, red fruits coulis, and pistachios!

4. PowerPlant

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (4)

Address: R. Fernandes Tomás 64, 1200-180 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 938 375 186

A new addition to Lisbon’s vegan scene in late 2022, Powerplant has recently been taking the city by storm.

You’ll find them inside the popular Selina Secret Garden hostel so if you’re looking for a casual setting to enjoy vegan food in Lisbon (often accompanied by a DJ set), then look no further.

However, while the setting may be casual, the food is anything but!

In fact, their food is some of the best in the city.

Self-described as ‘a plant-based gastronomic experience’, their menu is innovative and inspiring.

I’ve tried out a bunch of their mains and my favourites would have to be the creamy rice with Jerusalem artichoke, and the grilled cabbage with harissa, roasted cashew sauce, buckwheat, and chilli oil.

Everything I’ve had here has been mind-blowing though, so nothing will disappoint!

They’ve also got a great starter line-up with highlights being the coriander corn fritters, beetroot ceviche, and crispy cauliflower.

While I haven’t visited Powerplant for breakfast before, I’ve also heard that they serve a fabulous vegan breakfast in Lisbon.

5. Orteá Vegan Collective

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (5)

Address: Rua Dom Luís I 19, 1200-109 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 936 217 616

Orteá Vegan Collective promises to take you on a creative culinary journey that will feed both your body and soul.

This beautiful plant-based restaurant was founded in 2018 by Catarina Gonçalves who firmly believes that a plant-based diet is the most sustainable and healthy way to feed our bodies.

And that’s exactly why she’s created her inspiring vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free menu!

At Orteá, you have two dining options: a casual brunch or a sophisticated dinner.

Their menu changes with the seasons so you can expect fresh, seasonal dishes with each new visit.

However, you can typically expect a creative selection of bruschetta, bowls, pancakes, and desserts.

My favourite dish of theirs that I’ve tried is the talismã (tempeh in five Asian spices, served with sweet potato puree, chickpea puree, tapioca pearls, radish pickles, and cress).

I’m also a huge fan of their Berlin baguette which features smoked meatballs, sauerkraut, mustard and caper sauce, cherry tomatoes, and coriander sprouts.

Be sure to stick around for some artisanal cheese for dessert too – it’s life-changing!

6. daTerra

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (6)

Address: R. da Rosa 51, 1200-382 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 346 0086

If ‘all-vegan buffet’ is music to your ears, then you’re going to love daTerra.

daTerra is a 100% vegan buffet-style joint with a daily changing menu and locations in Bairro Alto and Parque das Nações.

While a lot of the vegan restaurants in Lisbon are centred on fine dining, daTerra is a casual and affordable alternative for those looking to refuel while exploring the city.

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Here you’ll pay a fixed price, before letting loose on their detox juices, soups, hot and cold foods, desserts, and more.

Keep an eye out on their website where they publish their imaginative daily menu in real-time.

Past mains have included seitan with turnip greens and mushroom and asparagus sauce, and Greek spinach and white cheese puffs.

Their buffet is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so they’ll always have something to serve you no matter what time hunger strikes.

While I’d recommend going for their buffet (it’s popular for good reason), they also offer sandwiches, burgers, snacks, pastries, and cakes to buy separately too.

This spot is well-loved and after just one visit, you’ll understand why!

7. Manjerica

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (7)

Address: Rua João das Regras, Praça da Figueira 5-A, 1100-293 Lisboa

If you’re looking for a beautiful vegan brunch spot in the city, then Manjerica would be my #1 recommendation.

This gorgeous, relaxed cafe has a super long menu filled withsomuch plant-based goodness.

We’re talking pancakes, toasts, risotto, burgers, wraps, and even one of my favourite acai bowls in Lisbon!

Admittedly, they do have a few veggie dishes on their menu but almost all of the menu is plant-based so you won’t struggle to find something to eat.

Stand-out dishes from my visits have been the Mushrooms Meetlove, the chickpea burger, and the guacamole wrap with roasted tofu sticks.

Their salad with avocado, quinoa, nuts, confit tomato, and candied onion is also incredible if you’re in the mood for something a little lighter.

But even then, all of Manjerica’s dishes are generously portioned (and that includes their coffee!), so whatever you order is sure to leave you satisfied and satiated.

Eating here won’t break the bank either so if you’re looking for one of the more budget-friendly vegan restaurants in Lisbon, this is a safe bet!

Top tip: don’t leave without trying one of their vegan desserts.

The chocolate and almond brownies are a game-changer.

8. Organi Chiado

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (8)

Address: Calçada Nova de São Francisco 2, 1200-300 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 606 5121

Conveniently situated in the centre of Lisbon, Organi Chiado is an obvious choice for any vegans looking to dine centrally.

They’ve been serving up delicious plant-based food to the people of Lisbon since 2016 and they just keep getting better and better.

Not only is their menu entirely vegan but it’s also natural and sugar-free too, so if you respect the planet andyour body, this is the place for you!

Just like daTerra, Organi Chiado has a daily-changing seasonal menu so you can return time and time again without getting bored.

Far from your stereotypical vegan meals, Organi experiments with spices, texture, and consistency to create a party for your mouth!

Expect different things each time you visit but keep your eyes peeled for fan favourites like the cashew mozzarella (which has been praised as being better than the real thing) and the pecan pie.

Not only is all their food incredible but it’s served in the most beautiful setting too.

The calming, natural surroundings are the perfect environment to enjoy this gastronomic experience.

9. Mother Burger

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (9)

Address: Praça Duque de Saldanha 1, 1050-094 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 134 8735

Hungover and need to soak up the alcohol with some deliciously dirty burgers?

Then look no further than Mother Burger, the mother of all vegan burger chains!

In a bid to win over even the biggest of meat-eaters, they want to prove that being vegan is ‘more than “eating greens”‘.

And that’s exactly what they do!

With nine burgers on offer (all of which are vegan), you’re truly spoilt for choice here.

Fan favourites are the Damn Burger, Hell Burger, and Street Burger, but honestly, they’re all delicious!


Not only do they have an enviable vegan burger line-up but they also serve some equally tasty sides, including spicy cheese balls, seitan nuggets, and dirty fries.

The star of the show for me, though, is their milkshakes.

(I’ve ordered the Oreo one an embarrassing number of times!)

If you’re feeling extra lazy, get Uber Eats to do the hard work for you by delivering their burgers straight to your door.

10. Jardim das Cerejas

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (10)

Address: Calçada do Sacramento 36, 1200-394 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 346 9308

If deTerra didn’t already fill the vegan buffet-shaped hole in your heart, then consider a visit to Jardim Das Cerejas.

This casual eatery has been fully vegan since 2015 and is best known for its €8.50 vegan buffet.

It comprises hot entrees, salads, and sauces, and has a daily-changing menu that you’ll never get bored of!

Everything they serve is fresh and tasty, and when I visited, they had a few lentil and soy-based protein options which is always great to see.

If you fancy taking your food to enjoy alfresco in a park, they also offer a takeout option.

Be sure to get one of their delicious desserts to go, as well as one of their craft beers or tasty natural juices.

For one of the most budget-friendly vegan restaurants in Lisbon, look no further than Jardim Das Cerejas!

11. Arco Íris

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (11)

Address: 1150 271, R. São José 95, Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 355 7928

Eat the rainbow at Arco Íris.

With an entirely Portuguese menu, this organic restaurant (named ‘rainbow’ in Portuguese) is a hidden gem that attracts locals and clued-in tourists.

(Which now includes you – you’re welcome!)

The restaurant serves homemade macrobiotic and veggie cuisine that doesn’t break the bank.

Be sure to ask which items are vegan or can be made vegan before you order!

If you’re stuck on what to order, just ask their friendly staff to bring you a few of their most popular vegan dishes and they’ll happily oblige.

I promise you won’t regret it!

Dishes I got to try here were the sautéed vegetables with mushroom meatballs, an amazing vegan pizza, and some fried cauliflower, all of which were superb.

If you have a sweet tooth too, you’re in luck because they always have a selection of tasty desserts ready for you to try too.

The cake I had was to die for!

12. Moko Veggie Café

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (12)

Address: Rua do Forno do Tijolo 54A, 1170-134 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 602 4572

Moko Veggie Café is a lovely little coffee shop with a colourful and vibrant menu that’s a great option for lunches out in Lisbon.

Their speciality is pastries and cakes which are baked fresh daily and fill the cafe with that sweet bakery smell.

It probably goes without saying then that if you order anything here, let it be something sweet.

I’m drooling thinking about the vegan cupcakes I had!

However, if you’re looking for something more substantial don’t worry because they have plenty more to offer.

From loaded toasts to tasty burgers to poke bowls, there’s something for everyone here.

I also got to try some amazing empanadas while I was here so if they’re on the menu when you visit, I’d recommend ordering them!

Pair your food with a strong cup of coffee or one of their fresh smoothies and you’ll quickly understand why Moko is a go-to lunch spot for vegans in Lisbon.

(Video) Vegan/Vegetarian Guide in Lisbon, Portugal

13. Vegan Junkies

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (13)

Address: R. Luciano Cordeiro 28, 1150-300 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 21 353 0669

Who said vegans can’t indulge in junk food every now and again?!

The lovely pair behind Vegan Junkies (Vinny and Mari) are firm believers that junk food shouldn’t just be for meat eaters or veggies.

That’s why they’re changing the Lisbon vegan game with their 100% plant-based burger, taco, and nacho-heavy menu!

Kick things off with a tasty bite from theirstar-studded starter line-up.

They’ve got loaded nachos, BBQ wings, fried onion rings, and even fried cheese balls!

For mains, choose between a selection of burgers and tacos (I’d recommend the chorizo taco) before ending things on a high with a dessert.

The fried Oreos with chocolate sauce get my vote as the best dessert but try a few for yourself and see what you think!

If you fancy a drink to wash all your food down with, Vegan Junkies have got you covered with a great selection of cocktails, wine, and beer.

Bottoms up!

14. Scoop n Dough

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (14)

Address: R. das Portas de Santo Antão 78, 1150-269 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 961 764 917

Rated the #1 best vegan doughnuts in the world and #1 best vegan ice cream in the world on Happy Cow, Scoop n Dough is somewhere that deserves every bit of praise it receives.

It was founded by brothers Darchite and Jimite in May 2019 after Darchite became vegan in 2015 and spent four years perfecting his ice cream recipe.

Years later and we vegans now get to reap the fruits of his labour because truly, everything on their menu is mind-blowing.

You may be thinking ‘surely their ice cream and doughnuts can’t bethatgood?!’ but they definitely are!

Everything is handmade in-house to perfection, resulting in incredibly creamy ice cream and super fluffy brioche-style doughnuts.

Stand-out ice cream flavours are black sesame, cookie dough and brownie, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate, and passionfruit and macaron.

I’ve tried a handful of their flavours and they were all phenomenal, but I’d love to return to Lisbon again to taste them all!

Similarly, they’ve got a wide variety of inventive doughnut flavours, ranging from tiramisu to apple crumble to maple and bacon.

Satisfy your sweet tooth today at Scoop n Dough!

15. Honest Greens

Vegan Restaurants Lisbon: 15 Best Vegan Food Spots [2023] (15)

Address: Multiple locations

Last but by no means least, no list of vegan restaurants in Lisbon would be complete without mentioning Honest Greens.

This small European chain may not be entirely vegan but for plant-based fast food, you can never go wrong here.

Their slogan is ‘EAT REAL’ and this is reflected in their ethically-sourced, organic, and unprocessed menu.

My favourite item on their menu would have to be the whole-roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce, harissa, dukkah, and herbs.

I’ve ordered it countless times and I’ll never get bored of it!

Their sweet potato fries with beet ketchup, plant-based aioli, and coriander also deserve an honourable mention.

As for mains, you can never go wrong with a sweet chilli tofu market plate or an avocado supergreen salad.

They also have some equally appetising sides which are well worth shouting about.

Order the Moroccan rice, miso-glazed brussel sprouts, or the black chanterelle mushroom and lentils, and thank me later!

So that concludes my round-up of the 15 best vegan restaurants in Lisbon!

As you can see, it’s super easy to be vegan in Lisbon thanks to amazing eateries like these.

Pick out the vegan restaurants in Lisbon that have most caught your eye and be sure to visit them during your stay!

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